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Commissioner of Insurance z-index:1; width: 50px; $50,000 Surety Bond payable to the Mississippi Public Service Commission. max-width: 600px; If customers who fall within a certain income bracket agree to put up most of the money to install a renewable . January 12, 2023. .non_result_row th { width: 100% font-size: 0.9em; top: 2px; Brandon Presley - Commissioner,Northern District, Brent Bailey - Commissioner, Central District, Dane Maxwell- Chairman, Southern District, Katherine Collier - Executive Secretary of Commission, Cora-Lisa Weathersby - Executive Secretary's Staff, Latoya Earnest - Executive Secretary's Staff, Jeremy Breland - Finance & Personnel Director, LaKeisha McDaniel - Finance & Personnel Assistant, David Carr - Special Counsel to the Commission for Federal Energy Affairs, Marsha Brown - Director, Information Technology Division. } There were no incumbents in this race. width: 100%; margin-right: 12px; Mississippi is holding an election for all three seats on the Mississippi Public Service Commission on November 7, 2023. width: 50%; }; This online application serves as a convenientassistance program that is designed to make pesticide registration easier and more cost efficient for pesticide registrants. Locate a Crime Stoppers Program near you. Information describing the certificated service area of utilities is available in a variety of formats, including maps. Find Your District. Woburn, MA 01888-4119, First Mortgage Payments 126J However, there are some exemptions provided for by the Legislature in the Act. Ballotpedia features 393,619 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors, writers, and researchers. Purchase an one-time view of your current motor vehiclerecord (driving record). vertical-align: top; Transportation Commission (3 seats), Mississippi is holding an election for all three seats on the Mississippi Public Service Commission on November 7, 2023. Application for Children's Health Insurance Program. P UBLICATION DATE 1993-01-12 00:00:00. color: #888; Request a duplicate Tuberculosis Training CertificateOnline (MS State Department of Health). .outer_percentage { width: 100%; background-color: #db0000; JACKSON, Miss. Qualify for a Phone Discount. All rights reserved. Search Mississippi legislation by category, bill number, and session. .votebox-results-metadata-p { Tupelo Office width: 100%; padding-bottom: 8px; } .mw-content-ltr td.votebox-results-cell--text, Water Services. Manage your seed permitting and inspection fee reporting in an easy and cost-efficient way. setTimeout(function() { defer() }, 500); } background-color: #003388; .outer_percentage { Subscribe or renew your subscription to this excellent source for Mississippi agricultural news, information, goods, and services. Apply for a Camp McCain hunting and fishing permit. line-height: 1.5em; Central District .votebox-covid-disclaimer { background-color: #003388; padding-bottom: 5px; Licensing forProfessionalBody Piercing (MS Department of Health), Duplicate Tuberculosis Training Certification. } This program fully cost out at its peak is a $14.16 cent charge over the year, said Presley. .results_table { Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Ballot measures, Who represents me? You will be able to print your recordduring the transaction. U.S. Congress | (WLBT) - 2023 is a statewide election year, and campaigns are getting kicked off. letter-spacing: 0.03em; .votebox-scroll-container { Agriculture commissioner max-width: 75px; } Want more WLBT news in your inbox? Email: southern.district@psc.ms.gov. .results_text { left: 0px; .votebox-results-metadata-p { } .inner_percentage.Republican { Online filing UCC documents with the Secretary of State. background-color: grey; Public Service Commission (3 seats) .race_footer { } Find unclaimed funds held by the government that might be owed to you. Mississippi Public Service Commission Mississippi No Call Program P.O. } .non_result_row { State legislature | Enter the terms you wish to search for. Counties | Joey Barnes. Jackson Office Central District } If you don't want to register online, alternate means of registration may be found under theFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs). .mw-content-ltr td.votebox-results-cell--text, .votebox { Incumbent Brandon Presley won election in the general election for Mississippi Public Service Commission Northern District on November 5, 2019. background-color: green; $1000 Fee payment in the form of certified/cashiers check or money order. Treasurer. jQuery( ".votebox" ).each(function( index ) { Contract & Procurement Opportunity Search (DFA). } Dane Maxwell won election in the general election for Mississippi Public Service Commission Southern District. top: 0px; Toll Free: (800) 356-6430 font-size: 16px; .votebox-results-metadata { Mississippi Public Service Commission election, 2019, Mississippi public service commission election, 2019, Federal and state primary competitiveness, Ballotpedia's Election Analysis Hub, 2019, Presidential voting trends in Mississippi, United States congressional delegations from Mississippi, Mississippi public service commissioner official website, State executive officials serving in home states, Ken Carbullido, Vice President of Election Product and Technology Strategy, https://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Mississippi_Public_Service_Commission_election,_2019&oldid=7830277, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function, Mississippi state executive official elections, 2019, Public Service Commission elections, 2019, Conflicts in school board elections, 2021-2022, Special Congressional elections (2023-2024), 2022 Congressional Competitiveness Report, State Executive Competitiveness Report, 2022, State Legislative Competitiveness Report, 2022, Partisanship in 2022 United States local elections. max-height: 580px; The State of Mississippi has proven that providing tax and other incentives to companies such as Nissan, Toyota, and Continental Tire is an effective means of attracting and growing new industries in the state. } background: #4c4c4c; font-size: 12px; left: 0; } While certain uses of spoofing technology is completely legitimate, spoofing is often associated with fraudulent purposes. It also has shelters and evacuation routes. float: left; margin-right: 12px; Interior Designer Certification Application. font-weight: 300; overflow-y: hidden; position: absolute; Learn more here. .outer_percentage { Call the MSPSC at 1-86NOCALLMS (1-866-622-5567), select your district from the menu, request that a Subscriber Registration Form be mailed to you, complete the form and mail it to the address below: A. .votebox-scroll-container { .results_row { padding-bottom: 5px; .inner_percentage.Libertarian { Prices for this information depend on the amount of administrative time required and the format of the information. letter-spacing: .04em; @media screen and (max-width: 350px) { .race_header, .results_text, .results_table_container, .votebox_legend { display: block; letter-spacing: 0.03em; .results_row td { Fees and Fines (Dept. Entergy and Mississippi Power both filed motions with the PSC questioning whether the commission had the authority to create these kinds of incentives. overflow-y: hidden; margin-top: 16px; let item = jQuery('.votebox .indicate_scroll').get(index); Transportation commissioner (3 seats) Email the file to stacy.harrell@psc.ms.gov A printed list of all telemarketing sites from which calls are made; to include the sites physical address, mailing address, and names and contact information for two supervisors with the capacity to answer complaints and inquiries. overflow-y: hidden; max-width: 600px; Email: northern.district@psc.ms.gov, Jackson Office padding-left: 10px; Email: northern.district@psc.ms.gov, Jackson Office width: 350px; Department of Health Professional License Renewals. .race_header.democratic { These include MAGNOLIA and LearningExpress Library. Subscribers may register with the Mississippi Public Service Commission by: Registration by either of these two methods will become effective based on the eligibility table. left: 0; color: #888; Here's the basis of how this program would work. width: 90%; Email: southern.district@psc.ms.gov, Completed and notarized Telephonic Solicitor Registration Application. color:white; Completed Contracted Company forms (if applicable). .mw-body #mw-content-text .votebox .race_header h5.votebox-header-election-type { State executives | color: #6db24f; Bylaws of Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board. font-weight: bold; } Digitalstorefront designed to give contractors access to current bids and plans made available by MDOT. .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper { width: 50px; Any citizen, litigant, attorney, law enforcement official, judge, public official, or other individual who has knowledge of possible judicial misconduct may file a complaint with the Commission. position: relative; } The list consists of telephone numbers of Mississippi residential,cellular, and business telephone subscribers who seek to reduce unwanted telephone solicitations and scam calls. background-color: #db0000; padding-top: 3px; Enroll online! We are not talking about a 45% rate increase.. Process invoices online with the Department of Information Technology Services. U.S. President | display: inline; } The Commission is an elected body of three commissioners, with one commissioner elected by voters in each of the state's three Supreme Court districts. | .race_header.green { .results_text { The general election will occur on November 7, 2023. font-weight: 200; Renew your Retail Food Establishment License on an easy and convenient website. } display: block; However, there are some exemptions provided for by the Legislature in the Act. Tupelo Office background-color: #6db24f; These new solar incentives will position Mississippi to effectively compete for solar manufacturers, builders, and financiers in a highly competitive market, said Gulf States Renewable Energy Industries Association (trade group representing Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana solar companies) Director Stephen Wright. .non_result_row th { Statewide cached map service of the November 2022 MS Department of Transportation's Linear Referencing Method. overflow-y: auto; Choose a county: . height: 22px; Secretary of State Business Services Division Forms, Forms for the Business Service Division (Secretary of State), Secretary of State Business One Stop Shop. Information and forms on traveling on official state business, which includes reimbursement documents, travel contracts information, and more. background-color: #6db24f; Respiratory Care Practitioner Professional License Renewal. Register for vendor general request for proposal on the ITS website. Mississippi Public Service Commission election, 2019 - Google News. maintained and updated by the Mississippi Public Service Commisssion (MSPSC). A directory of the online services provided by the Secretary of State. padding-left: 8px; Report Lack of Service. Online initial registration by examination for architects. border-radius: 50%; padding-left: 16px; C REATION DATE 1992-01-16 00:00:00. text-align: left; color: #0645ad; background-color: #6db24f; Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. vertical-align: top; Renew your Eye Enucleator Professional License securely online. Research: Josh Altic Direct: (662)-432-1141 And its certainly going to increase rates. padding-left: 10px; top: -1px; padding-left: 8px; function indicateScroll (){ .race_header.green { Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce } } margin-right: 12px; } width: 35px !important; } margin-right: 10px; position: relative; float: left; District Home; Staff; Newsroom; Consumer Assistance .race_header, .results_text, .results_table_container, .votebox_legend { .non_result_row div { Dane Maxwell. MARIS is not . margin: 0px 10px; margin-bottom:16px; } font-size: 1.25em; Be one of the first 300 outdoor enthusiasts to pre-order the Mississippi State Parks Specialty Tag.

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